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Commonly Confused Words #14

It’s Monday! Apologies for leaving you without any commonly confused words last week, but there are plenty more.
#14 wander and wonder
‘I’m just going for a wander along the river.’ BUT ‘I wonder what my brother’s doing today.’
Amazing how many people mix those up!

Tune in tomorrow for #15


Commonly Misused Words #12 and #13

Here we are again – a new week and time for a few more misused words!

Commonly Misused Words #12 – wretch and retch.
‘The little wretch stole my watch.’ BUT ‘I retched at the sight of all the blood.’

Commonly Misused Words #13 – shudder and shutter. This is a different type of mistake to make from many in the series but one of those that when we are writing, our brain helps us write the wrong word!
‘I shuddered to think what my mother would say.’ BUT ‘I closed the bedroom shutters before going to bed.’

More tomorrow!

Commonly Misused Words #11

And it’s time for Commonly Misused Words #11
Bear v Bare
I couldn’t bear it when she told me the news BUT
He bared his soul to me.

Tune in next week for an article on redundancy, and I don’t mean getting laid off!

Commonly Misused Words #10

Commonly Misused Words #10 – Breath and breathe.

Another instance of words where the noun and verb are often mistakenly used in place of each other.
‘After running the marathon, every breath he took pained him’ but
‘He tried to breathe life into his novel’

But what words are you guilty of consistently misusing? Feel free to share!


Commonly Misused Words #9

Commonly Misused Words #9 – today I’m throwing into the mix something a little different – something to look out for in your editing/second draft.
‘Though’, ‘through’ and ‘thought’.
Many also mix ‘bought’ and ‘brought’.
There’s barely a manuscript I receive that doesn’t have an error of this type.
So be aware and keep your eyes peeled!
Tomorrow CMW #10

Commonly Misused Words #8

Since the Commonly Misused Words series seems to be well-received, I’ll continue!
#8 – Advice v Advise
‘I thanked him for the advice he had given me’ but ‘I would advise you to check with your solicitor before accepting the contract’
Advice is the noun, advise is the verb!
Tune in tomorrow for part #9

Commonly Misused Words #7

It’s Monday! Time for Commonly Misused Words #7
Bemused v Amused.
Bemused means confused but amused means that you find something funny. It’s not so easy to illustrate this by means of examples, as both words could fit certain sentences but with different meanings.
e.g. ‘She was bemused by his behaviour’ means something totally different to ‘She was amused by his behaviour’. Got it?! Tune in tomorrow for #8

Happy Easter! Commonly Misused Words

Happy Easter everyone!
How did it get to be April already?

Anyway, I’ve been very busy (very, very, very!) with lots of lovely manuscripts, so apologies for neglecting you, but here’s a little titbit for now. More soon. Have a great spring break!


Commonly Misused Words #5 LOOSE v LOSE.
‘I didn’t notice that my tooth was loose’, but ‘Did you lose your wallet at the store?’

Commonly misused words #6 – REIN v REIGN

‘Silence reigned.’ BUT ‘He had free rein over the theme for his dissertation.’ AND ‘She had to rein in his behaviour.’