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Who needs a proofreader?
Pretty much anyone who wants to be sure their work is of the best possible standard. Perhaps you’re an author, a student doing your thesis or dissertation or you might run your own business and need your web content checked over.

How am I qualified to proofread your work?

Apart from being an author myself, I also hold a Chapterhouse qualification in proofreading. I have experience in proofreading fiction and non-fiction, in genres from paranormal to mind, body and spirit inspirational guides, from memoirs to magical short stories.

What will I cover as a proofreader?

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Typos
  • Punctuation errors
  • Grammar – including tense errors
  • Wrongly used words
  • Missing and duplicated words
  • Incorrect use of italics
  • Incorrect use of capitals
  • Transposed words

NB: Publishers – please see additional note under Publishers



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