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Developmental Editing

To clarify, developmental editing is sometimes called substantive editing.

Who needs developmental editing?

Many people and in many different ways. Developmental editing can range from advising the author that a character’s dialogue sounds unrealistic, to almost rewriting the full manuscript, but is mainly somewhere in between.

What will I look at?

  • Plot holes
  • Erratic pace
  • Insufficient conflict/tension/resolution in the narrative structure
  • Incomplete development of character arcs
  • Conflicting character speech/behaviour
  • Inappropriate language for the intended audience
  • Inconsistent or inappropriate dialogue for a character
  • Incorrect use of jargon
  • Lack of clarity in semantics
  • Unclear or invalid sentence structure
  • Redundant material
  • Inconsistent or invalid POV
  • Factual errors
  • Inconsistency of style

As your editor, and fellow author, you can be assured that whilst all of my suggestions are made with the aim of enhancing your work, I will not try to alter your author’s voice.

On completion of a developmental edit I will provide a Word document report which will contain a detailed chapter breakdown and an analysis of each character in addition to any broad stylistic considerations. I will also make comprehensive notes in the manuscript itself outlining what changes I feel you need to make to do your work justice.


Costs are £21 per hour, $29.50 per hour or €26.25 per hour

After reviewing a sample of your work, an exact fee can be agreed. Fees will generally be higher for non-fiction.

Should you wish to contract me for multiple services, I am happy to negotiate a discount with you.


A deposit of 10 hours is required in advance to secure your slot. Invoices will subsequently be sent after every 10 hours worked. I accept payment via wire transfer or Paypal. Payment can be made in either GBP, USD or EUR.


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