Commonly Confused Words #20

Morning! And it’s on to Commonly Confused Words #20 Cue and queue
‘As an actor I take my cues from the director.’ BUT ‘The queue for the cinema snaked around the block.’ (N.B. for our US friends, a queue is a line!)


You got it! Back tomorrow for #21

Commonly Confused Words 18

I appear to have forgotten to post this last week. That’s what happens when you’re trying to do it across various social media platforms too!

#18 Sight and site
‘You’re a sight for sore eyes.’ BUT ‘The building site was just past the shops.’

Commonly Confused Words #19

OK, I know, I know, I’m late with today’s post, but better late than never! Since it was specially requested, we’ll have as #19 past and passed.

‘I walked past the shop on my way to school.’ BUT ‘I passed the shop on my way to school.’
Easy way to remember this one – is your meaning a verb? If so, it’s ‘passed’.


Tune in tomorrow for #20

Commonly Confused Words #17

Thursday brings us to Commonly Confused Words #17
Waste and waist
‘You don’t want to waste a precious moment of your writing time’, BUT ‘watch your waistline when consuming all those chocolate biscuits at your desk.’


Tune in for the final instalment tomorrow (well, this week’s final instalment – the possibilities are endless!)

Commonly Confused Words #16

Wednesday takes us to Commonly Confused Words #16 lead and led
‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.’ (infinitive) BUT ‘I led him down the narrow staircase.’ (past tense)

Let’s see what #17 brings us tomorrow!

Commonly Confused Words #15

It’s Tuesday and time for Commonly Confused Words #15 Chose and choose
‘I chose to go to the store yesterday instead of today’ (past tense) BUT ‘I would like to choose a film tonight.’ (infinitive) AND ‘I choose to wear black because it’s my favourite colour.’ (Choose is also the present tense.)


Tune in tomorrow – you got it, for #16!

Commonly Confused Words #14

It’s Monday! Apologies for leaving you without any commonly confused words last week, but there are plenty more.
#14 wander and wonder
‘I’m just going for a wander along the river.’ BUT ‘I wonder what my brother’s doing today.’
Amazing how many people mix those up!

Tune in tomorrow for #15