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Commonly Misused Words Parts 1 & 2

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your writing in 2017 took you where you wanted it to!

You will see a lot more content from me this year, now that my wedding is out of the way, and hopefully we will have a healthy year – no chickenpox, chest infections, campylobacter and food poisoning from eating pre-packaged lettuce!


So, on with the show – the commonly misused words articles proved popular in the past two years, so I thought I’d continue with them, but rather than do one big article, I thought I’d drop you little titbits at a time. So here are the first two. Wishing you every success with your life and writing in 2018!

Susan Buchanan Cunningham

Part #1

Peak, peek, pique. To reach the peak of a mountain; to take a peek at your birthday present; to react with a fit of pique; his curiosity was piqued. Do these ever catch YOU out?!


Part #2
Amused – The clown’s antics amused me and I laughed my head off, BUT Bemused – I was totally bemused by what was happening. Amused = finding something funny; Bemused = confused/puzzled. You’d be surprised at how many people mix these up especially when they are in the writing groove!

I’ll be back in a few days with a couple more and towards the end of January we’ll have a verb strengthening and adverb cull post!

Happy Writing!




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