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Happy Easter! Commonly Misused Words

Happy Easter everyone!
How did it get to be April already?

Anyway, I’ve been very busy (very, very, very!) with lots of lovely manuscripts, so apologies for neglecting you, but here’s a little titbit for now. More soon. Have a great spring break!


Commonly Misused Words #5 LOOSE v LOSE.
‘I didn’t notice that my tooth was loose’, but ‘Did you lose your wallet at the store?’

Commonly misused words #6 – REIN v REIGN

‘Silence reigned.’ BUT ‘He had free rein over the theme for his dissertation.’ AND ‘She had to rein in his behaviour.’




  1. Wolfe Butler says:

    The loose/lose one is the one that most frequently drives me crazy when texting or browsing social media.

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